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You don't need another task on your To Do list

Use our calculator below to see how your school can generate $5k each and every month

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"Change doesn't add up to much?"

Well, we would like to prove that statement wrong!

Schools using Hello Donor are averaging
$10,000 per year for every 50 people who donate their change
from credit card transactions.

See how many change donors you could get with your school

Number of students at your schoolExpected participation%

Donors per student

Estimated Total in first year




The Hello Donor program is never ending. Your donors continue to donate their change month after month unless the choose to quit. What does that mean for your school?

Monthly recurring donations, without another big fundraising effort! See what the next three years can

Every school raises different amounts. There is no guarantee of each school's fundraiser amounts. Calculations are based on the current averages of Hello Donor customers

*Every school raises different amounts. There is no guarantee of each school's fundraiser amounts.

Fundraising in the
new normal.

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What is a Changemaker?

A changemaker is someone that promotes giving, and that is committed to helping ‘making change’ in our school or community.

How does it work?


We fundraise with recurring subscription donations.


Automatically Donate Your Spare Change From Everyday Purchases Wherever You Go

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Select Any Card

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Shop Anywhere

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Support The School

Ready to bring change to your school?

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See one of our customer's stories and how you can raise $60,000 with
The Changemaker Initiative.

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Our program feels a bit like magic in how simple it is to implement.


You don't need a complicated system in place to create changemakers in your community.


Our program is a contactless way to raise funds and share the story of your school or non-profit.


Our team helps build custom messaging to your potential donors.


Our Changemaker Initiative creates recurring revenue that will raise more than other fundraising programs. 


Our team understands the challenges that schools and non-profits face. We are able to make fundraising fun again.

Can you picture a world where
funding your school is easy?

The Changemaker Initiative is an innovative way that the best schools are raising money, and telling their story.

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